Retrofit & Insert Windows & Doors

Contour have the ability to revamp your existing aluminium joinery through our retrofit service. We also offer our insert service for timber joinery, to reduce maintenance in your home. Whether you are aiming to improve the thermal performance and noise transmission in your home through retrofit double glazing, or gaining instant benefits of aluminium joinery by replacing your old timber joinery with new aluminium insert windows, Contour can provide sound technical advice to make the decision process run smoothly.


Retrofit Windows & Doors

Contour can improve the performance of your existing aluminium joinery by replacing the single glazed glass with much more thermally efficient double glazing. Other glass options to take advantage of are low-e coated glass, various tint options, and filling the double glazing with argon gas, for even more reduction in heat and cool transmission.

Insert Windows & Doors

Replacing your old timber or aluminium window frames can be beneficial for many reasons. Old, tired windows can perform poorly, stick, and have gaps that cause drafts. Replacing these with new, double glazed aluminium windows, eliminates these issues, whilst offering the benefits of double glazing. If you’re replacing timber windows, aluminium joinery has minimum maintenance requirements in comparison, and if you’re replacing old aluminium joinery, it will give your property a face-lift and allow you to change the colour, which is near impossible to do without replacing the aluminium.