Tile Roofing

Pressed metal tiles offer an alternative to traditional long run roofing, without compromising on affordability and ease of care. Contour offer a range of tile roofing profiles, in either a Satin or Textured finish depending on your desired aesthetic.

New Zealand Made

Pressed metal tiles are manufactured using New Zealand steel, the profile is stamped, then coated in zinc/alum, primers & colour or stone granules, then finally, a protective coating is added. There are seven profile options with three in our standard range, all available in texture and satin finishes and a wide range of colours.


Pressed metal tiles are much lighter, more durable, and have much more longevity than other more traditional tile roofing products, such as concrete, slate and terracotta tiles. With an extremely durable cured acrylic over-glaze ensuring the tiles can stand up to many extreme weather conditions, including New Zealand’s harsh U.V rays, and are much less susceptible to earthquakes.

Natural Texture

Natural stone granules are used to produce the textured finish. Either using individual or a combination of the granules the natural colour pigmentation is produced for each of the textured tile colour options, sustaining long-term colour retention, and an all-round more organic look.