Steel Framing

Steel framing presents a superior alternative to traditional timber framing. It provides quick, efficient systems for partitioning and modular construction to reduce onsite costs. Contour’s steel frame system offers many more benefits; it is lightweight, strong, dimensionally accurate and it does not absorb moisture, leading to an overall superior, healthier, more exact finish. Contact us

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Steel for Strength – Straight & Strong

Contour’s rollforming technology gives the steel-framing and extremely high degree of accuracy. Steel is a top quality product that ensures straight walls, and square corners that remain that way.

Unlike wood, moisture changes are not a problem, steel will not rot, warp, sag or shrink. It will stay true for life and is more fire resistant than wood.

The advantages that steel offers to the construction sector have long been recognised by designers and specifiers. Steel’s high strength-to-weight ratio means it can span greater distances without disruptive columns or loadbearing walls, resulting in large spacious architectural design.

Speed of Construction & Financial Benefits

Steel frame homes are lighter, faster and easier to erect, which saves on costs. Steel framing is approximately a third of the weight of timber framing which can eliminate the need for heavy equipment on site during the build.

Fabrication of the individual steel elements takes place offsite under controlled, highly regulated and safe factory conditions where the use of leading edge fabrication systems deliver precision-engineered components. With so much work carried out offsite, the onsite construction programme is reduced and the build programme is relatively unaffected by adverse weather conditions.

Steel framing ensures speedier access for the follow-on trades onsite.


Steel frame construction is recognised by the Asthma Foundation of New Zealand as a healthier choice. Free from the chemicals and preservatives used in timber to prevent rotting, steel cannot harbour mould or mildew spores. The benefit for you, and your family is fewer problems with allergies and asthma.