Commercial Windows & Doors

Contour offer a comprehensive selection of commercial joinery. From curtain wall façades, architectural & thermal windows & doors to frameless glass entrances foyers all designed to enrich the use, and visual impact of your building. This sophisticated range is ideal for any commercial application, be it an office or retail complex, industrial buildings, and public sector facilities such as schools, civic buildings, and hospitals.


Features and Benefits

Our expansive range of Commercial Windows and Doors utilise contemporary, high performance systems minimising air and water leakage. For example, the seals have been tested for water penetration resistance at wind speeds of approximately 145km/h, triple the performance of normal seals. Contour’s commercial suite is comprised of modular components to create uncluttered, striking, glazed facades. Offering huge flexibility in design, to meet demanding architectural engineering specifications.

Glazing Options

Contour offer a wide range of glazing options. We can utilise 4mm to 28mm glazed units, including safety glass, thermal units, back painted glass and aluminium infill panels.


The Commercial Series has been tested and complies with NZS 4211 and AS 2047. This compliance is the result of thorough testing, quality design and strict quality control in manufacturing. Test Certificates are available upon request..

Coating Warranties

The Commercial Series window and door system uses D1010 premium architectural powder coatings to provide a durable, resilient colour finish. Our powder coatings are warranted for 15 years for residential applications*, for both colour integrity and film integrity, when applied and tested in accordance with AS3715-2002. Please contact Contour for more information.