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Roofing Repairs & Maintenance

Contour provide a comprehensive repair and maintenance service. We offer many solutions, encompassing roof inspections and leak detection of all variety of roofs, including both residential and commercial properties. Our team has extensive experience in gaining resolutions to difficult repair and maintenance issues.


Contour’s team of repair and maintenance professionals offer a full scope of repair solutions to alleviate your concerns. Contour can repair all roofing and spouting types, including butynol, we also repair leaking skylights, flashings, and fixings. Our experts are available for urgent call outs, roof reports and general repairs on all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Contact our Roofing Repairs and Maintenance team today to ensure your building has a completely watertight finish.


Maintenance of your roof is all about planning and prevention. Contour’s seasoned repair and maintenance specialists will assess your building exterior, and put a plan together to extend the life of your asset. This could be anything from clearing gutters on a cyclical basis to preparing a condition report allowing you the flexibility to plan ahead and maintain your roof until the time comes that it needs a repair or replacement. With new health and safety regulations commercial building owners now need to be more proactive at ensuring their building exterior is up to standard. Contour can offer an exterior building maintenance package to ensure your building is continually maintained to current standards.

Heritage Roofing

Contour’s team includes members with experience in repair and restoration of historic buildings. Contour can offer solutions for a range of traditional roofing materials, such as copper, lead, and zinc. The historic place in this image required the use of lead to match the existing flashing, in accordance with Heritage New Zealand guidance notes

Your Peace of Mind

Contour’s highly skilled Repair and Maintenance Team, not only have many years of experience and knowledge, but they are also highly qualified. Our staff are licensed building practitioners, hold Site Safe Passports, and are height safety trained. Contour are members of the Roofing Association of New Zealand, a certification that highlights and verifies our high standards meet the industry level. Contour offer a workmanship warranty on all of our repair and maintenance work, for your peace of mind.

Roofing & Cladding
Contour’s estimating team are experienced analysing construction plans and specifications and then providing a detailed quotation. In many cases Contour can offer a variety of alternative options which may reduce the cost of your project or provide additional features and benefits.

Whether you are looking for quick a budget estimate or a fully detailed quotation don’t hesitate to contact us and we will review your plans and discuss your vision to ensure you have the right solution at the best price

Get A Free Quote

Our friendly, knowledgeable team are at your disposal to discuss project requirements, answer your questions and provide technical information about product and installation options.

Whether you have a large commercial or industrial project, or you are building or renovating a family home please don’t hesitate to telephone or call into the Contour building in Stoke. Alternatively, our technical specialists are always available to visit your site to advise on options to help resolve challenges you may be experiencing.

The coordination and organisation of materials and resources on any project large or small is a vital element in the success of the project. Contour’s contract managers are skilled in managing hassle free construction projects either leading or supporting the project management effort which results in completion in full, on time and within budget.
Much of Contour’s site work could be considered high risk which is why our Workplace Safety Management Practices have been accredited to the highest ACC tertiary level. The Contour team follow rigorous Health and Safety practices, we have a thriving Health & Safety Committee and active Hazard & Near Miss reporting throughout the company.

All site staff hold Site Safe Passports, are qualified to work at heights and are competent in carrying out pre-start site assessments, hazard recognition and task/job safety analysis. At Contour we believe all accidents are avoidable and safety is paramount.

With all Contour products, we offer a professional installation service. Our teams of site staff are fully trained qualified and experienced in the installation of the products we sell. Our Licenced Building Practitioners ensure the building work we carry out is completed to the highest quality standards.
In many cases construction professionals or the home handyman wish to complete installation of Contour products themselves. At Contour we offer a cost effective supply-only service for all our products which can include delivery to site or self-collect from our factory in Stoke, Nelson.
The careful transport and delivery of high quality building products is critical to ensure damage doesn’t occur and the product looks as good on your building as it did when it left our factory. At Contour we have a fleet of delivery vehicles and drivers who are experienced in handling our products and unloading them safely on construction sites. Because we are not reliant on external haulage companies we have total control of the process and we can work directly with you to ensure the product is delivered when you want, where you want and in pristine condition.
When considering the rejuvenation of existing buildings, the repair or replacement question is foremost in the minds of Contour clients. Our professionals will carry out a thorough investigation and provide a detailed assessment report outlining the pros and cons of repairing or replacing taking the guess work away and giving you peace of mind.
At Contour we regularly work with insurance companies to reinstate buildings to their original condition after damage events. Contour work cooperatively with insurance assessors to identify the expedient and durable solutions and we pride ourselves with service levels which ensure agreed work is completed quickly with the least disruption possible.
Further products & services from Contour
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