Thermal Windows & Doors

Contour’s Thermal Suite can enhance the benefits of double glazing. Clever design in thermal break technology, reduces conductivity and significantly minimises the chance of condensation by reducing the transfer of heat or cold through the aluminium frame, in turn, requiring less energy to cool or warm the home.


Thermal Advantages

Thermally broken joinery is manufactured with a polyamide thermal strip barrier between the external and internal aluminium frames, causing a break that significantly reduces conductivity. This technology offers many advantages. It reduces condensation, through the reduction of heat and cold transmission, in turn requiring less energy to heat and cool your home. Combining your thermal joinery with intelligent glass choices, such as low-e, laminate, and argon gas fill, these advantages can be increased even more.

Additional Benefits

Contour’s thermal suite also provides more aesthetic options, that wouldn’t be possible without thermal break technology;

Dual Colour

As the external and internal frames are separate, this gives the opportunity to choose two different colours for the external and internal joinery. Allowing more freedom in your colour scheme.


Timberclad provides the low maintenance, durability of aluminium joinery on the exterior of your home, while still offering the timeless, warm aesthetic that is only provided by natural timber joinery, internally. A contemporary twist on a classic, when there is no room for compromise.