Replacement Roofing

A new roof might be necessary to prevent leaks if your existing roof has reached the end of it’s life. A replacement roof has the added bonus of making all the difference to the appearance of a property. Contour’s re-roofing aficionados can meet you at your property to discuss the possibilities for replacing your old roof, and giving your property a face-lift.

Tasman St Reroof Before 03

Prevent Leaks

One of the main reasons for replacing a roof is preventing leaks. In these cases, the cost of ongoing repairs to remedy the leak, and possible future leaks far outweighs the cost to replace your roof. If your residential, commercial, or industrial roof is no longer as watertight as it should be, one of Contour’s roofing experts will meet you on site to assess your roof, if it is need of replacement they will take measurements, a drawing, and photos to prepare a thorough quote for you. If you roof is just in need of some repairs or a little TLC, they will discuss this will you too.


An added benefit of replacing an underperforming roof is the aesthetic value it can add to your home or investment. An old, tired roof can really bring down the whole look of any building, once replaced, a new roof can leave a property looking rejuvenated.

Roof Types

Contour can replace all roof types, from butynol, to steel, we can even replace your old concrete tile roof with a new lightweight, low maintenance ColorCote corrugated iron roof. Contact our knowledgeable team to discuss your options.