Residential & Architectural Windows & Doors

Our aluminium joinery is available in both a classic profile or our distinctive modern flat frame. Our suites have the versatility to create feature stand out windows & doors, with the architectural suite providing capacity for joinery of a grander scale. Contour residential & architectural joinery systems are available in a full range of window and door configurations and colours to compliment all spaces.


The sleek, contemporary aesthetic of Contour’s joinery carries through the residential and architectural suites, allowing a combination of both suites to be used seamlessly in an individual project, allowing for cost-efficiency and design flexibility. These two suites, whether used together, or separately, compliment any project design.

Window Configurations

The configuration of your windows change the feel and style of your home, Contour offer options in both our Classic and Flat frame to suit your unique flair.

Awning & Casement Windows

Awning and casement windows can add an elegant, traditional look to your living space. It’s simple to tell the difference – awnings are hung from the top, while casements open from a vertical edge. Both options are practical, easy to use and provide excellent ventilation. Awnings can also be left partially open when it’s raining – so they’re great in winter too.

Sliding Windows

When space is at a premium, or it’s not possible to have a protruding window beyond the building, sliding windows may be the best option. Available as either vertical (double hung) or horizontal, sliding windows create a feeling of space and light. And because they often provide more access to open air than conventional windows, they also provide increased ventilation.

Bi-Fold Windows

Flexible, unobtrusive, and robust, bi-fold windows seamlessly connect the areas in your home, creating a sense of space, light and openness. Whether it’s between two separate rooms, or your indoor and outdoor spaces, a well-placed bi-fold window maximises your available view and increases airflow. In fact, when fully opened, you won’t even notice the window is there at all.

Louvre Windows

Mixing style and practicality, louvres offer the ultimate in ventilation control. Open them up fully to make the most of a cool summer breeze with an almost unobstructed view, or partially (even during wet weather) to maintain ventilation and help prevent condensation. Best of all, you can clean both sides of a louvre window from inside – especially useful if you live in a multi-storey home.


Contour offer many glazing options to reduce the effects of ultra-violet light, increase privacy, or enhance the thermal performance of your residential or architectural joinery. Low-e glass, laminated glass, argon gas, tinted glass, obscured windows.

Door Configurations

The door configuration you choose will affect the way you live in your home; Contour’s door options will assist you to create the flow that’s right for you.

Sliding & Stacking Doors

With a sliding or stacking door, you can take full advantage of your outdoor surroundings – whether it’s a beautiful view of nature, or watching the kids play in the backyard. The standard slider has two panels (one slides behind a fixed panel), while stackers have two or more panels opening and stacking behind a fixed panel. Sliders are great for ventilating your home – you can keep them just partially open if it’s wet or windy. And because there’s no clearance required (compared with conventional doors that open outwards or inwards), you’ll free up extra space too.

French Doors

The French door is a classic look that’s been used in homes for centuries, and for good reason. With glass panelling and a double-door design, they offer a picture-book view of the outside world. Opening either outwards or inwards, they are typically used between living areas and outdoor spaces. They’re flexible, easy to use and add a stylish touch to your home.

Hinged Doors

Hinged doors are one of the most popular and versatile forms of doors. They’re particularly suited to areas that need to be shut off from the rest of the home – like laundries and bathrooms. The glazing used in hinged doors can be obscured if required, to offer privacy, while still letting light through.

Bifold Doors

To truly experience the benefits of indoor/outdoor living, consider bi-fold doors. Bi-folds allow you to open up an entire space in seconds, providing a seamless flow between your home and the outside environment. They’re perfect for entertaining, watching the outside world from the comfort of your home, and bringing in air and light. Freefold bi-fold doors maximise opening space even further. The door folds right around to sit flush with the exterior wall, optimising your view and your living space.


Whether you’re after a statement entrance door handle, colour matched vented sash handles to allow for fresh air to flow through your home, or high quality marine grade stainless steel hardware to stand up to the harshest conditions, Contour’s range of traditional to contemporary, high quality, versatile hardware options contain the perfect functional accessories to compliment all joinery projects.